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It’s wine o’clock somewhere, amirite? A look inside “wine mom” culture

caption: Wine: it's not a problem if all the moms are doing it?
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Wine: it's not a problem if all the moms are doing it?

Mother’s little helper now comes in a glass rather than a pill bottle. How likely is it that we can stop opiate addiction on the streets? What it felt like to fly into a thunderstorm created by a wildfire. And a new science fiction improv podcast.

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Wine mom culture

Wine mom culture: the giant goblet. The apron with slurred spellings of cutesy phrases. What’s behind the idea that to deal with your children, you might need a bit of Merlot – or more than a bit – for fortification? Kanchan Schindlauer is a sommelier and owner of Chip Monkey Wine; Katie Anthony is author of the blog KatyKatiKate. Both are moms, and they say wine mom culture is unfairly maligned.

Beth Macy, Dopesick

King County is starting a new program this fall to help fight opioid addiction on the streets. People experiencing homelessness make up less than 1% of the county’s population, but represented 16% of opioid-related deaths last year. For a look at how likely the program is to succeed against those odds, we spoke to Beth Macy; she’s the author of the book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America.

Williams Flats: NASA fire fly-through

Intense G forces, 45 degree rolls, flying straight into a storm? This was not a stunt plane. It was a NASA flight, the first to travel through a thunderstorm created by a wildfire. Dr. Hannah Halliday is a post-doc at NASA and was on that plane; she says the flight has a lot to teach us about smoke plumes that can spread across the world.

Dispatches from the Multiverse

True crime? News and politics? These podcast genres are passé. What about science fiction improv? Tim Ellis and Scott Trapp, both Puget Sound locals, are trying it with a show called Dispatches from the Multiverse. It’s about a toaster, time travel, and two friends trying not to ruin the world.

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