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caption: Make Noise by Eric Nuzum
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Make Noise by Eric Nuzum
Credit: KUOW Photo/Alison Bruzek

Make Noise! How to cut through the static

A conversation with the state House minority leader, a look into betrayal, and the tale behind the tale of Harvey Weinstein.

Eric Nuzum, Make Noise

Eric Nuzum creates podcasts like Invisibilia, the TED Radio Hour, and most recently Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin.

J.T. Wilcox

According to a local political blog, Washington State House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox is “a unique partisan leader” with a “lack of polarization.” He spoke with Bill Radke about guns, homelessness, and whether national Republicans should be taking a page out of his book.

Jodi Kantor, She Said

The Harvey Weinstein trial is underway in New York. A new book, She Said, is a behind the scenes look at the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting that brought Weinstein down. Coauthor Jodi Kantor spoke about the trial and how they got the story.