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caption: Launched to fame in John Waters films, the drag queen Divine became an icon.
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Launched to fame in John Waters films, the drag queen Divine became an icon.

Meat thieves and Divine: John Waters in his own words

Everyone’s favorite reprobate. Co-ed cheers at Seahawks games. Doug Baldwin on public discourse. And Sara Porkalob on the shape of trust.

John Waters

John Waters is one of the most famous dirtbags of the 80s and 90s. His work is associated with the seamy underbelly of the film world. But he also launched actors like Ricki Lake and Divine, the drag queen later immortalized as The Little Mermaid’s Ursula. Why do we have such a disreputable idea of the director?

Sea Gals go co-ed

A change is coming to football sidelines at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks cheerleading team is going from the Sea Gals to the Seahawks Dancers. Why, you ask? The squad is going co-ed. We spoke with former Sea Gal Katie Hilen about the decision to add men to the ranks.

Doug Baldwin w/Macklemore + DeRay McKesson

Last month, the Seahawks announced they were releasing two of their biggest stars, Kam Chancellor and Doug Baldwin. In addition to being a pro bowl wide receiver, Baldwin was also an outspoken leader of player demonstrations during the national anthem. A few days prior to his release, he went on stage at the Crosscut Festival to discuss public discourse with rapper Macklemore, moderated by DeRay McKesson.

Sara Porkalob, The Shape of Trust

Actor and playwright Sara Porkalob has tackled ancestral stories and family ghosts in her work, most notably her Dragon Cycle of plays. But her new project is something different. In partnership with the city of Seattle, it’s called The Shape of Trust: Stories of Racism, Racial Equity, and Belonging in the Workplace. She spoke with Marcie Sillman about the work.

Tom Banse, 5G

To some, 5G simply means faster internet. But some argue that it might have health and environmental risks as well. KUOW’s Tom Banse reports.