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caption: This individual voted. Have you?
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This individual voted. Have you?

October 23rd: Get counted

This month on the show, we’ve been answering your questions about tight races and ballot initiatives. But why does Washington vote the way it does at all? 

On today's show:

Mail in Ballots

How did voting by mail become Washington state law? And does it increase turnout? We asked those and other questions of Patrick Schoettmer, political scientist at Seattle University. Most important takeaway: the best way to increase voter turnout is to… ask people to vote. (Consider this your ask, from us!)

Rick Steves on Fascism

You may know Rick Steves as a travel expert and tour guide. But his new documentary is a bit different. It’s called “Fascism in Europe” – and it may be more relevant to Americans now than we think.

Sonny Assu

Kwakwaka'wakw artist Sonny Assu learned at the age of 8 that he was indigenous. It didn’t really change how he thought of himself at the time, he says, but – along with pop culture – it’s become an integral part of his work now. He spoke with KUOW’s Marcie Sillman ahead of his latest show, "Études for the Settler."