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caption: Experimental radio in Seattle thrived in the station KRAB.
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Experimental radio in Seattle thrived in the station KRAB.

On KRAB, listeners sat back and enjoyed the ride

A quirky old broadcaster’s legacy. A chat with the mayor about her police chief’s departure. The school board’s concerns in the face of the 2020-21 school year. And what we can expect from wildfire seasons going forward.

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On this channel, radio did not listen to you

Is a broadcaster a host, or an auteur? Lorenzo Milam would have said the latter. The father of freeform community radio died last month, but his legacy lives on – including in the history of a Seattle station called KRAB.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan 8.13

Part of the reason Mayor Jenny Durkan will be waiting to replace police chief Carmen Best, she says, is because the city council’s treatment of the chief was so egregious that it could damage her ability to recruit. She spoke with Ross Reynolds about her disappointments and her hopes.

Chandra Hampson, Seattle School Board

The Seattle School Board, the teacher’s union, frazzled parents, and presumably also kids are haggling over proposals to shape what the coming school year might be. School board member Chandra Hampson joined Ross Reynolds to discuss it.

How forest management will have to change

It’s August, which normally would mean bad wildfires. That this hasn’t happened yet is a blessing during a respiratory pandemic, but we’re unlikely to be that lucky going forward. Susan Jane Brown, wildlands program director and staff attorney for the Western Environmental Law Center, says that means Forest Service policy will have to change.