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caption: Seattle's city flag.
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Seattle's city flag.

Seattle’s flag: maybe it has a great personality?

Don’t let your freakish flag fly. Tax the rich! (Well, not in Seattle.) Moving homelessness out of your entire city’s backyard. And how to keep a searing photo from becoming just another image of suffering.

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Seattle's terrible flag

Did you know Seattle has a city flag? You might not have – it’s not flying anywhere. Chase Burns says that might be because it’s not that attractive. Chase Burns is digital editor at The Stranger, as well as one of many people who thinks the flag is terrible and wants a do-over.

Seattle income tax?

Can Seattle put a tax on wealth? No, says the court. Can we have an income tax? Yes, says the court. But… really? No, says the state. Former state attorney general Rob McKenna has opposed income taxes; John Burbank heads the Economic Opportunity Institute, and is in favor of an income tax.

Puyallup sends its homeless to Tacoma

The city of Puyallup is addressing its homelessness crisis by sending homeless people somewhere else – namely, to a shelter in Tacoma. Tacoma News Tribune reporter Josephine Peterson has been following the story.

How do we view images of suffering?

Last month you probably saw an image of Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his daughter Valeria. It was unavoidable on front pages and timelines: a drowned father and daughter face down on the banks of the Rio Grande. Vox chose to display the image differently; visuals editor Kainaz Amaria and Sarah Sentilles, author of Draw Your Weapons, spoke to Record producer Adwoa Gyimah-Brempong.