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caption: Ted Bundy in court in 1979.
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Should we valorize true crime?

What’s behind our fascination with charismatic murderers? Scooters are nipping at the heels of e-bikes in Seattle. The governor gives permanent DST a go. How worried should we really be about cougar attacks? And a look at seasonal workforce migration in eastern Washington.

Knute Berger on Ted Bundy

A new, high glam true crime movie is out – this time about Ted Bundy. Should we be fetishizing these killers and their crimes? Crosscut’s Knute Berger first reported on a Bundy killing as a student at Evergreen College, and was recently consulted for a documentary 45 years later, called Theodore.

Scooters roll into Seattle

In the ever-escalating crowdshare transit race, companies are upping the ante. First there were bicycles. Then came e-bikes. And now: e-scooters? KUOW’s Casey Martin explains the city’s pilot program (and the change of heart behind it).

Inslee says yes to forever summer (time)

Yesterday, Governor Jay Inslee took a break from running for president to sign a bill that would make changing clocks a thing of the past. It’s popular – but is it possible? KUOW’s Ross Reynolds spoke to University of Washington Law Professor Steven Calandrillo, who testified in Olympia in favor of the new law, and Los Angeles Times journalist Michael Hiltzik, author of the piece "In Praise of the Hated Daylight Saving Time."

Jim Williams, Path of the Puma

Cougar sightings are on the rise in and around Chelan this year, which is reminding people of last year's fatal cougar attack. But in general, says wildlife biologist Jim Williams, cougars like to keep themselves hidden. In fact, that's been the foundation of their comeback in North America. His book is "Path of the Puma: The Remarkable Resilience of the Mountain Lion."

Seasonal labor in Mattawa, WA

In rural central Washington, Mattawa is almost like a tourist town. Its population booms in the spring and summer. But rather than daytrippers, the new arrivals are seasonal farm workers. It’s a seasonal boom that plays out in farm towns across the state. And sometimes it gets off to a tough start. KUOW’s Esmy Jimenez and the Northwest News Network’s Anna King reported.