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caption: Are you getting on a plane In These Times?
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Are you getting on a plane In These Times?

Should you stay or should you go?

You already know the answer to that. But if you must, here's how to do it safely.

Yesterday Dr. Anthony Fauci sounded the alarm that daily new coronavirus infections surged beyond 50,000 for the first time. If we flattened the curve in April, it’s definitely spiking now.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the last several days have been the bleakest yet for the United States, and warned it will get worse.

And here we are, on the eve of one of the most popular traveling holidays of the year. Are you going anywhere for the 4th of July? And if so, what’s the safest way to do it?

Ross Reynolds spoke to Columbia University virologist Angie Rasmussen about how best to get out of dodge, and took your calls.