Jamie Bernstein with father Leonard at work.
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Jamie Bernstein with father Leonard at work.

Singing along with a conductor Larger Than Life

The daughter of a composing great tells her story. What happens to communities when measles come to your town? A local company tries to sink or float (sorry, we had to) on Shark Tank. And we take you to the reincarnation of 13 Coins.

Jamie Bernstein, Famous Father Girl

Leonard Bernstein was the most famous American conductor/composer of his day. His daughter Jamie, a filmmaker and music educator, has written a memoir of her life with him called Famous Father Girl. She’s in town for the Seattle Jewish Film Festival, which is screening a documentary called “Leonard Bernstein: Larger Than Life.”

Measles and social cohesion

Many people who are hesitant about vaccinating their kids feel misunderstood – and from wealthy enclaves on Vashon Island to Slavic communities in southwestern Washington, that can lead to insularity. That’s definitely happening amid Hasidic communities in New York, and that might have lasting public health impacts, says New York Times reporter Tyler Pager.

Urban Float on Shark Tank

Joe Beaudry is a Seattleite who co-founded a business called Urban Float – think luxury flotation therapy spa. Last month, he appeared on the show Shark Tank in search of investors for his business.

Ruby de Luna on 13 Coins

Seattle has lost many late night hangouts to development. But some have managed to reinvent themselves. 13 Coins, a 24 hour restaurant, is one of them. Two years ago it moved from South Lake Union to Pioneer Square; KUOW’s Ruby de Luna checked in on it at the new location.