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caption: Bill Radke, doing his duty and recording from home
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Bill Radke, doing his duty and recording from home
Credit: kuow photo/bill radke

Talking staying home while staying home

Bill Radke talks the week's news with Monica Nickelsburg of GeekWire, The Stranger's Chase Burns, and Crosscut's David Kroman.

This week, Gov. Jay Inslee extended Washington's stay-at-home order. What does that mean for our essential work force? And who exactly is essential, anyway?

Plus, Bellevue Police are using a new online tool to report illegal gatherings. Privacy advocates are worried — why?

Also, this lockdown will end eventually. What will Seattle look like financially when it does?

And speaking of financials, Amazon is doing pretty well right now. So why are its warehouse workers striking? And should we be spending so much time on Amazon or other parts of the internet right now?

Finally, should people staying at home be trying to be productive? Or is surviving a pandemic enough?