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caption: First image of a black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope.
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First image of a black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope.

The last stargazers

The stories behind the telescopes. How is youth mental health changing? We also chat with the man behind “Seattle is Dying” and a woman behind an attempted Seattle dating renaissance.

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Emily Lesvesque, The Last Stargazer

Last week, the first-ever image of a black hole launched a thousand memes (special shoutout to the Eye of Sauron). UW astronomer Emily Levesque’s upcoming book, The Last Stargazers, dives into the stories of the people behind the telescopes who bring us the cosmic images that have been sparking imaginations since we first began staring into the night sky.

Deb Wang, youth mental health

When you hit a certain age, it’s easy to become nostalgic about the carefree days of youth. But being a young American today means facing down rates of adolescent mental illness are on the rise. KUOW’S Deb Wang is reporting on teenage mental illness; she spoke with Bill Radke about what’s going on.

Matt Markovich, Seattle is Dying

“Seattle is dying” is a phrase it is possible that you may have heard in the last month, if you had any access to other humans and/or the outside world. The incendiary documentary touched on some hot button issues in Seattle – drug addiction, homelessness, law enforcement – in a way that many found divisive. The executive producer of Seattle is Dying, Matt Markovich, joins us today.

Matchmaker Peggy Bennett

It’s debatable whether or not Seattle is dying. What more people agree on is that Seattle is certainly not dating – or at least not well. Matchmaker and dating coach Peggy Bennett aims to change that.