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Credit: KUOW Photo/Sarah Waller

Volunteers Restore Historic Jet In Everett

Volunteers at the Museum of Flight Restoration Center in Everett have been working diligently since 1995 to restore one of the last DeHavilland Comets. The Comet was the world’s first commercial jetliner, and its body shape inspired the jets of today.

The Comet debuted in 1952 but was soon grounded for years after two of them broke apart in the air due to a metal fatigue crack in the hull. Restoration volunteer Bob Hood said the initial design was flawed because of the limited technology available.

“All they had was a blank sheet of paper and slide rules,” Hood said.

But the first jet has one feature that is still recognizably modern: its nose.

“It is almost identical to the profile of the 787 Dreamliner nose,” Hood said, “which I’m sure gives a lot of the Brits great satisfaction.”