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What good is winning the climate battle if you lose the electoral war?

caption: A Klickitat Valley wind farm
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A Klickitat Valley wind farm

Two researchers argue that before politicians can enact ambitious climate reforms – first they have to win. Microsoft wades into the moneylending game, in support of affordable housing. And, has America messed up motherhood? If so, how can we fix it?

Should politicians lead with climate?

Governor Jay Inslee has been coy about whether or not he’ll run for president, but climate change is his signature issue. A pair of professors at the University of Washington warn that it’s no good pushing for climate change action if it costs you the election. Aseem Prakash is the founding director of the Center for Environmental Politics, and Nives Dolsak is associate director of the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs.

Microsoft affordable housing

Headlines today screamed that Microsoft would be offering $500 million to tackle the housing crisis in the Puget Sound. But this money won’t be given out of the good of the company’s heart – it will come largely in the form of loans with interest. Bloomberg News reporter Noah Buhayar joined Bill Radke to discuss all of the fine print.

Amy Westervelt, Forget Having it All

Amy Westervelt wants to help working parents. But she warns that government policies aren’t sufficient without cultural change. Her new book is called “Forget 'Having It All': How America Messed Up Motherhood — and How to Fix It.”

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