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What's KUOW's book club reading in July?

caption: The KUOW Book Club is reading "Subduction" by Kristen Millares Young in July 2024.
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The KUOW Book Club is reading "Subduction" by Kristen Millares Young in July 2024.
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KUOW's book club will read "Subduction" by Kristen Millares Young this month.

Young's debut novel tells the story of a Latina anthropologist who seeks refuge in Neah Bay. But her quest for solace on the Makah Nation puts her on a collision course with a family looking for answers about a father's death.

"Subduction" made a big splash in the literary world when it came out in 2020, and I imagine more than a few of you will be familiar with this title. So, as we read, we'll dive deeper into the text and, spoiler alert, we'll wrap up with an in-depth interview with the author herself (exciting details to come)!

(By the way, Seattle's Elliott Bay Book Company has signed copies available!)

Here’s the reading schedule:

  • Read the first 12 chapters by July 15.
  • Finish the book by July 29.

As per usual, I'll be providing my own analysis of the book and sharing readers' feedback in our book club newsletter on each of the above dates. Subscribe to the newsletter here, and send your thoughts and questions to me at (I personally read and respond to everyone who writes in.)

One more thing before I let y’all get to reading: I want to know what you want to read! I have our August book picked out, but I’m inviting everyone in the club to vote on the September pick. I’ll include the poll in each newsletter over the next few weeks, so make sure you're subscribed.

Your choices are:

Cast one vote for your preferred title, and I’ll announce the winner in early September. Thank you for doing your part to make this book club great, and happy reading!

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