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caption: The current Expedia building in Bellevue.
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The current Expedia building in Bellevue.

What's up with Expedia?

The travel giant undergoes a shakeup. Would (will??) Washington state politicians vote to impeach? And mental health responders alongside police.

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Expedia makes big unexpected moves

The CEO and CFO of Expedia are both out - just in time for the company to completely uproot itself and move from Bellevue to Seattle. Geekwire's Todd Bishop has details.


Former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and current House Judiciary Committee member Pramila Jayapal discuss the impeachment inquiry.

Mental health responder

Often the police are called when mental health services would be more useful and appropriate. Redmond and several surrounding districts are trying to change that, with counselor Susie Kroll.