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What's KUOW's book club reading next?

caption: The KUOW Book Club is reading Terese Marie Mailhot's "Heart Berries."
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The KUOW Book Club is reading Terese Marie Mailhot's "Heart Berries."
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It's time to announce our next book club pick!

KUOW's book club will read "Heart Berries" by Terese Marie Mailhot in June.

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The memoir follows Mailhot's life on the Seabird Island Band in the Pacific Northwest. It's an Indigenous woman's powerful life story that fits well with the club's regional theme and goal to read a variety of peoples' stories.

This is a shorter book with just 124 pages in the 2019 paperback edition, so we'll take just about a month to read it.

Here’s the reading schedule:

  • Read through the chapter titled "In a Pecan Field" by June 10.
  • Finish the book by June 24.

In case you're new here, you can get more information about the book club here (plus catch up on our conversations about "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" by Jamie Ford) and subscribe to our newsletter here.

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Long story short (see what I did there?), we're reading books from Seattle, Washington state, and the Pacific Northwest. We'll alternate between fiction and nonfiction. "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" was a historical fiction novel, so we're moving on to a nonfiction memoir with "Heart Berries."

Remember, you, the reader, will be integral to this process. Just like a book club with friends, our club will only be successful if people contribute to the conversation. Send thoughts, questions, and suggestions to I personally respond to each email, and I'll save the best questions for the final interview at the end of the book (I've reached out to Mailhot, so fingers crossed she's up for an interview).

Happy reading!

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