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caption: How will climate change affect the snowpack?
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How will climate change affect the snowpack?

When climate change arrives on your doorstep

There’s a new climate change report in town. What will it mean for the Pacific Northwest? A Russian asylum seeker died this weekend in Tacoma – what happened? We speak to the city’s happiest bus driver, and explore why leopard print has never gone out of fashion.

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Regional climate change report

A new White House report focuses on regional climates, including the Pacific Northwest. How will climate change reshape our landscape? Heidi Roop is a research scientist with one of the co-authoring groups, the University of Washington’s Climate Impact Groups.

Tacoma detainee suicide

Initial reports of Russia asylum seeker Amer Mergensana attributed his death to a hunger strike. But Crosscut’s race and immigration reporter Lilly Fowler, who’s been following Amar’s story from the beginning, says the strike was the least of the concerns in the Tacoma detention center.

The happiest driver on Metro

You’re running late to work, and you see your bus! …the wrong end of your bus. You break into a sprint to try and catch it. Will it stop? That depends, says Nathan Vass. He’s a veteran driver for Metro, and has been called one of Seattle’s happiest bus drivers. His new book is called The Lines That Make Us (geeet it?) Cash him on the 5 and the 21.

Jo Weldon, Fierce

Cardi B. Josephine Baker. Jackie O. These women have many things in common: glamour. Fame. And leopard print. Jo Weldon, headmistress of the Burlesque Academy of New York, has just written a paean to those indelible spots. It’s called Fierce: The History of Leopard Print.