Ah, Mariners. Right fielder Ichiro Suzuki in simpler times.
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Ah, Mariners. Right fielder Ichiro Suzuki in simpler times.

"When they were good, they were very very good" - a Mariners postmortem

The playoff run that wasn’t.

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Mariners Playoff Failure, October 1st 2018

At one point this season, the Seattle Mariners were first ranked and looked poised to make it to the playoffs. But they fell short, and are now going into the eighteenth year of a playoff drought ranked seventh out of fifteen teams. Kate Preusser and Isabelle Minasian both write for Lookout Landing, the Mariners blog on SB Nation. They joined Bill Radke both to praise and to bury the season.

David Kroman on City Light bills, October 1st 2018

Someone else’s billing error could stick you with a thousand dollar bill, says Crosscut’s David Kroman. Like the opposite of finding a $20 in your coat pocket at the start of winter, Seattle City Light has suddenly noticed a $21.5 million shortfall from 20,000 overdue accounts, and the bills are coming due.

Kavanaugh vs Thomas: what's changed? October 1st, 2018

27 years ago, Professor Anita Hill testified in front of the all-white, all-male Senate Judiciary Committee regarding sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas. Last week, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified about her sexual assault allegations toward Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In the intervening three decades, how much has changed? We asked Brooke Coleman, Akua Asare-Konadu, and Moya Bailey.

Kat Holmes on Inclusive Design, October 1st 2018

How did you get to work this morning? Did you drive? Walk? Take transit? What were the obstacles in your way? Some of us might not have even thought about those obstacles, but to many others they can be insurmountable. Google designer Kat Holmes’ new book is called Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design.

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