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caption: Till death - or at least spring thaw - do you part.
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Till death - or at least spring thaw - do you part.

Will cuffing season ever come to Seattle?

It’s not just you! Seattle truly is the worst city in America for dating. What can you do about it? Also, we find out that Amazon might have been carrying HQ twins this whole time. And for yet another place to make democracy count this election season: general manager of the Seattle Sounders.

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Is Seattle dating really so bad?

Seattle is the worst city for dating, according to both #science and a podcast called The Great Love Debate. We wanted to know if you bought it, and what your experiences have been on the Seattle scene. Bill Radke was joined by listener calls and Susie Lee. Lee is an artist and erstwhile biochemist who turned those atomic skills to matchmaking, with a dating app called Siren.

Amazon HQ how many?

Betting has been rife, and cities have been falling all over themselves to offer tax incentives, since Amazon announced that it was searching for a second home. But now some leaks are suggesting that HQ2 might be HQ-several, with another one and possibly two offices. Karen Weise of the New York Times, Brandon Formby from the Texas Tribune, and Geekwire’s Monica Nickelsburg have all been following the story closely.

Vote for Sounders GM

Seattle Sounders season tickets convey upon their holders a wealth of privileges. The privilege to be rained on during games. The privilege of shouting and jumping joyously in possibly the biggest display of rhythm in Seattle. And the privilege of voting on the team’s general manager. That’s right: every four years, the people speak. Matt Pentz of The Athletic handicaps the results.