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Video Transcript

Video Transcript from KUOW's Summer 2022 Impact Update

Hi, I’m Gigi Douban – KUOW News Director.

I always say there are many different ways to measure the impact of good local journalism.

Journalism creates impact when it holds the powerful to account and empowers the public to push for positive change in their community.

But impact can also be personal.

Does a story resonate with you?

Does it reveal or teach you something important?

Do you see yourself and your community represented in it? Do you feel something – joy, outrage, sadness, relief, empathy, understanding or solidarity?

Impact is felt in a multitude of ways … and we’re newsroom united in our quest to empower our community.

We share knowledge, insight, and connection to our region and our world.

I hope you’ll look through this report to learn more about some of KUOW’s most powerful recent coverage.

Every one of these local stories is only possible because of the financial support from members of our community like you.

Thank you.