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Amber Cortes


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    Overheard In The Green Room: Monica Guzman

    Monica Guzman is a columnist for The Seattle Times and Northwest tech news site GeekWire. I caught up with her in the KUOW green room before her interview

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    Technology You Can Wear

    There’s been a lot of buzz about wearable technology — computing capabilities you can wear — for at least a decade. Digital wrist bands that monitor

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    The Science Of Songs You Can't Escape

    It sounds shocking, but earworms are an epidemic that affect at least 90 percent of people as often as once a week. That’s according to a Goldsmiths

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    Are Traditional Libraries In Jeopardy?

    Thousands of librarians are gathering in Seattle for the annual ALA Midwinter Meeting, and they've got a lot to talk about. Ross Reynolds spoke with ALA

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    Slideshow: Tacoma's Tower Records

    KUOW listeners Whitney Keyes and Chris Porter share their memories of Tacoma Tower Records with us. Whitney Keyes “I grew up in Tacoma, Washington, and my

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    Slideshow: Fallout Records

    Tim Hayes and Rob Fletcher share their memories of Fallout Records. Tim Hayes, Owner, 1999-2003 "Fallout Records was a fiercely independent record