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Ann Kane



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    Preparing for wildfires in your backyard

    There have already been more than 400 wildfires in Washington this summer. Most of those were on the East side of the Cascades. But fires on the west side do happen and they’re only going to get more common as the climate gets hotter and drier. We're joined by UW professor Maureen Kennedey. She tell us what we can do to lower the risk of wildfires in our forests and our yards.

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    Should I stop reading the news?

    If you’ve found yourself avoiding the news lately you are not alone. More and more people are tuning out from current events. Amanda Ripley is one of those people. She’s a journalist herself, so she dug into why, and found out the news actually isn’t good for your health. She spoke with Jeannie Yandel about how to stay informed without burning out.

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    Is Seattle heading toward a recession?

    If you follow local tech news, you might be wondering whether Microsoft’s hiring freeze and Amazon’s construction slowdown portends a bigger economic slowdown for the region. Seattle Times business reporter Paul Roberts is here to help us make sense of things.

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    Should I be worried about monkeypox?

    We know a lot about monkeypox: How it's spread, what the symptoms are. We even have a vaccine. But health officials are still trying to figure out why it's spreading so quickly right now, in Seattle and across the world. Seattle TimeElise Takahama from the Seattle Times will tell us about the impact Monkey Pox is having here in the Seattle area.

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    How to find a therapist that gets you

    The past couple of years have been brutal, especially on our mental health. A lot of people found themselves looking for a therapist. But it can be hard to find a good therapist in Seattle, especially for people of color. Danie Eagleton is a professor of Psychology at Seattle University and a health equity advocate. She tells us why finding a therapist that understands you is so crucial, and how to do it.

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    A Faith Leader on the Reversal of Roe

    The US supreme court's decision to strike down Roe v Wade Friday was not exactly unexpected ... Even so, we’re probably all going to remember where we were when we learned the news. On this episode of Seattle Now, hear from a local pastor whose faith leads him to mourn the overturning of Roe v Wade.