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Anna Boiko-Weyrauch



Anna Boiko-Weyrauch is a general assignment reporter focusing on public health stories. Most recently Anna reported on COVID-19 and a panoply of pandemic-related topics, including personal protective equipment, social distancing regulations, health equity, outbreaks, vaccines and the state's vaccine rollout.

Previously at KUOW, she also reported on opioid overdoses and treatment, rape kit testing and prosecution of sexual assault, earthquakes and disaster preparedness, recycling, public toilets, bikini baristas, turmeric and childhood lead testing, homelessness, seaplanes, mental health, Sephardic Jews, the Washington State Convention Center, foster care, the Space Needle, the origin of the "Seattle Dog," and why the escalators at some Light Rail stations always seem to be broken.

Anna has expertise in investigative reporting and data analysis. She has a masters in journalism from the University of Missouri, and a bachelors in interdisciplinary studies from Global College (with a focus in international development and ethnic conflict.)

Her name is pronounced ANN-uh BOY-koh WHY-rock. Her last name is a hyphenated combination of her parents' last names. Boiko is Ukrainian and Weyrauch is German — though none of her close relatives have lived in either country for the last 120+ years.

Location: Seattle

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Pronouns: she/her

Professional Affiliations: Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc., Association of Health Care Journalists