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Anna Boiko-Weyrauch



Anna Boiko-Weyrauch is a reporter on our SoundQs team and grew up in the same zip code where she now works — with detours to five U.S. states and three foreign countries in between. Her job is to do stories inspired by listener questions. Often, people have questions about HER. Here are some FAQs.

Where’s your name from?

My parents! In a compromise emblematic of their four-decades of marriage, they combined their names (Boiko = Ukrainian and Weyrauch = German) and gifted them to their children. My name is pronounced ANN-uh BOY-koh WHY-rock. 

What do you report on?

Listeners, like yourself, send in questions and my team uses our news judgment to decide which ones to cover (that means we value a topic’s timeliness, relevancy, and importance to a general audience). I’ve done stories about listener questions on everything from earthquakes to dog poop. 

How can I ask a question?

Fill out the box on or email us at