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Chris Morgan

Host, "The Wild"


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    The Wild with Chris Morgan

    Living Planet (special episode)

    This is a special episode from the podcast Living Planet from Deutsche Welle. In this episode they explore the efforts to bring life back to seabeds off the coast of Scotland and learn about an app that can tell what species a frog is by its song. A sort of Shazam for amphibians.

  • caption: Chris holding a Northern Pacific rattlesnake. The age of a snake can be determined by the number of coils on their rattlers.
    The Wild with Chris Morgan

    Sitting on a den of rattlesnakes

    Rattlesnakes have long been persecuted, even killed for sport or having their entire dens burned. I head out with two wildlife biologists to look for rattlesnakes as they emerge from hibernation and learn about the important role these snakes play in our ecosystem.

  • caption: Orangutans spend the first 16 years of their lives learning from their mothers.
    The Wild with Chris Morgan

    People of the forest: the orangutans of Sumatra

    Northern Sumatra is a magical tropical home to the endangered orangutan. But their rainforest home is being cut down, and many are orphaned as their habitat is lost. Researchers are working hard to understand how orangutans process and learn, while others rehabilitate young individuals for a life back in the wild.

  • The Wild with Chris Morgan

    A message from Chris

    I hope you're enjoying spring wherever you are. I just wanted to let you know that we're taking a short break to work on some new episodes. We just got back from an incredible trip in California for two stories. One is about California condors, North America's biggest bird that almost became extinct and island foxes on the Channel Islands. We'll be back in June, which means that now is the perfect time to listen to past episodes if you missed them. Keep well everybody and stay in touch.

  • caption: Jason Toft prepares to enter the water off downtown Seattle to survey juvenile salmon.
    The Wild with Chris Morgan

    Salmon and the city

    How a destructive earthquake opened up a surprising opportunity to do something good for one of the pacific northwest’s most important creatures, juvenile salmon.