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Jeannie Yandel

Special Projects Editor


Jeannie Yandel is a special projects editor focusing on podcasts and broadcast shows. She created and co-hosted the KUOW podcast Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace and ran and edited KUOW's podcast about local curiosity, SoundQs. She also co-created and co-hosted KUOW's YouTube interview series, Are We Going To Be OK?. Previously, she was senior producer for The Conversation and KUOW Presents, and was Executive Producer for The Record. She's won awards for her interviewing, editing, and reporting.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: she/her/hers


  • SIFF celebrates independent film in Seattle

    The 50th Seattle International Film festival kicks off today. Despite many uit’s still the main venue for seeing international and independent films here in the city. SIFF artistic director Beth Barret spoke with Jeannie Yandel about this year’s festival… and Seattle’s place in the international film scene.

  • We foraged mushrooms and they were delicious

    Spring is well and truly underway, which means it’s mushroom hunting season in the woods in and around Seattle. Today on the show we take a trip to a local forest to learn some basics of the art of mushroom foraging. Daniel Winkler is a professional mushroom forager and author of "Fruits of the Forest: A Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Edible Mushrooms."

  • Casual Friday with Geraldine DeRuiter and Andrew Walsh

    This week… It’s been a weird week for animals in the Seattle area. Keep a lookout for zebras near North Bend. Car thefts in Washington have been skyrocketing over the past few years, so also keep an eye on your Kia. And the Washington State Department of Transportation has a new employee: a drone designed to take down hard-to-reach graffiti. Author Geraldine DeRuiter and Too Beautiful To Live Podcast Host Andrew Walsh are here to break down the week.

  • Harrell is 'still learning' how to address public safety

    Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell has put public safety at the forefront of his administration. This week, he held the first in a series of public safety forums to hear from community members about their concerns. KUOW reporter Casey Martin tells us about the mayor's plans

  • Why Seattle has such good Vietnamese food

    Vietnamese food and Seattle go together as seamlessly as pho broth and a squeeze of lime. For over forty years, the city has been a culinary hub for Vietnamese dishes, and things are only getting started. Seattle Times Food Writer Tan Vinh is here to talk about it.

  • Seattle Now Logo - NPR Network

    Seattle’s year in politics and art

    It has been a big year for our city. We became the center for a fentanyl epidemic, and fierce political fights over how to respond to it. But the city’s art scene also brought us some joy and delight. Bill Radle talked through some of the biggest stories in politics, the arts, and more at the Year in Review live with KUOW Arts Reporter Mike Davis, Economy reporter Monica Nickelsburg and Po

  • Seattle Now Logo - NPR Network

    Music to cure the winter blues

    Today is the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year. Between the short days and the holidays, this time of year can be a lot for many of us. Music can help. KEXP host Kennady Quille shares some of her favorite local music to play when the winter blues are in full force.

  • Seattle Now Logo - NPR Network

    Treating addiction at health engagement hubs

    Washington’s new drug possession law kicked in at the start of this month… After a long political fight that ended in a special session. But while it’s still a crime to have drugs on your person, the law ALSO creates a pilot program to treat substance use disorder. We’ll get a preview of what that might look like with Nina Shapiro of the Seattle Times.

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    Casual Friday with Jodi-Ann Burey and Andrew Walsh

    This week… Taylor Swift is coming to town, marking yet another busy weekend in the Seattle area. The Stranger released its top 15 restaurants in Seattle, centered around affordable eats. And the Mariners started, and quickly stopped, selling Toronto Blue Jays merch. Author Jodi-Ann Burey and Too Beautiful To Live Co-Host Andrew Walsh are here to break down the week.