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Jeannie Yandel

Special Projects Editor


Jeannie Yandel is a special projects editor focusing on podcasts and broadcast shows. She created and co-hosted the KUOW podcast Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace and ran and edited KUOW's podcast about local curiosity, SoundQs. She also co-created and co-hosted KUOW's YouTube interview series, Are We Going To Be OK?. Previously, she was senior producer for The Conversation and KUOW Presents, and was Executive Producer for The Record. She's won awards for her interviewing, editing, and reporting.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: she/her/hers


  • caption: There's a chicken conspiracy afoot that has people, and hens, clucking.

    As avian influenza outbreak worsens, local farms remain cautious

    Washington lies along a major flyway for birds. Each winter, millions of migrating birds stop in in the state on their way somewhere else. That's a cause for concern as the United States experiences the worst avian influenza outbreak in its history, with more than 50 million birds dying from the virus.

  • grocery store generic

    Albertsons-Kroger merger is giving shoppers déjà vu

    The 2015 divestiture by Safeway and Albertson's, where stores were sold to a PNW grocery retailer that went bankrupt shortly after purchasing the spun off stores, is leading to extra scrutiny for the country's two biggest chains.

  • Farm Scene Generic

    The unique mental health challenges facing farmers and farmworkers

    There are many barriers to receiving mental health care. It’s expensive, not always covered by insurance, and it can be difficult to find a therapist. A new report from the Seattle Times says those barriers can be even higher for people working in agriculture.

  • Seattle Now Logo - NPR Network

    'Tis the season for respiratory illness

    It’s a week of giving thanks and gratitude, and of stuffing and mashed potatoes. Good luck getting into a grocery store this week... Maybe grab some tissues while you're there. Cases of Covid, flu and RSV are on the rise. KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel talks to UW Associate Professor of Medicine Dr. Helen Chu about celebrating the holidays safely.

  • Seattle Now Logo - NPR Network

    Bringing grizzlies back

    For thousands of years, grizzly bears roamed the North Cascades in large numbers. It’s estimated that currently, fewer than ten remain. Now, scientists are trying to bring the grizzlies back. We’ll hear from Seattle Times Environment Reporter Isabella Breda who’s looked into this.

  • A single tree and a river in a foggy weather

    The Ghost In The River + Chloe Loves Horror

    Our final episode is a two-parter. First, a story from RadioActive about a ghost that lives in the river surrounding a small village in north India. Then, KUOW’s Katy Sewall talks with 3-year-old and then 13-year-old Chloe and her dad, who love horror movies and watch them together.

  • Cruise Ship Staterooms Hallway

    Ghosts Like Vacation Too

    A 19-year old takes her travel industry job seriously, and doesn’t party with the rest of her team when they go on vacation research trips. But an early bedtime leads to an unusual visitation in the 19-year old’s Alaskan cruise ship cabin… particularly since she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

  • An old rocking chair illuminated by light ray at dark attic

    K-Boo-O-W: But ... they’re my children

    Once upon a time, there was a group of local ghost hunters called AGHOST - Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma. Radio producer Jake Warga went along with the group one creepy night. Terrifying hijinks ensue.