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Jennie Cecil Moore



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    Find your way to the waterfront

    When’s the last time you went down to the waterfront? Alaskan Way is busy with construction as the whole area goes through a redesign. But the project is getting closer to completion. We went down to check in on the progress with Angela Brady, Director of the City's Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects.

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    Laid off? Tech workers are job hunting

    The numbers keep going up. Layoffs in tech have put Seattle workers on edge. But the region’s shifting labor market is still looking pretty good for job seekers. UW Policy Professor Jacob Vigdor is here to help explain.

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    Washington abortion providers face new legal hurdles

    Seeking abortion care in Idaho is about to get even harder. New legislation in Idaho makes it a crime to assist a minor with abortion care in another state without parental consent. And that has legal implications for providers in Washington. Legal Voice Washington Policy Counsel Alizeh Bhojani is here to explain.

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    Donor jump-starts brain research

    Most people don't think they'll be around to see the research benefits of donating brain tissue to science. Mike Morgan will. He donated his living brain tissue after undergoing surgery for seizures. It’s now being studied by scientists at the Allen Institute to help make discoveries about brain functions. Allen Institute Senior scientist Brian Kalmbach is here to help explain the importance of the new sample and its impact on current research.

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    Calling downtown home

    It’s been a bumpy road to recovery for Seattle’s downtown. Three years ago this month, the city shut down. Foot traffic all but disappeared and businesses had to close their doors. But people choosing to live in the city center has actually been on the rise recently. Axios reporter Christine Clarridge brings us up to speed on why people are choosing to live downtown and the impact on the city’s recovery.

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    Bank closure shakes Seattle start-ups

    Local tech start-ups and even the Washington wine industry had a few tense days following the Silicon Valley Bank failure. Now they’re looking for answers right alongside the Fed who’s stepped in to investigate. Seattle Times reporter Paul Roberts is here to talk about how SVB failed and what it means for local tech customers.

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    Kelp is having a moment

    Around here, when you think forest, you think towering Evergreen trees. But an equally important forest sits within Puget Sound. The state’s kelp forests play a critical role supporting fish and sea life in the Northwest, but they’ve been on the decline for the last 10 years. Northwest News Network correspondent Tom Banse is here to talk about how the state is working to restore kelp and eelgrass along the coastline.

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    Birth support for Black and Native families in King County

    Having a baby carries a lot of risk. But it’s even riskier for Black and Native people. Infant mortality for Black and Native people is higher and in our area data shows many of the deaths are concentrated in areas of South King County. Dila Perera is here to explain how her organization tries to help. She’s executive director of Open Arms Perinatal Services which connects people and their newborns to care. We can only make Seattle Now because listeners support us. Make the show happen by making a gift to KUOW: And we want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram at SeattleNowPod, or leave us feedback online: Tree Canopy Report:

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    A Seattle English teacher on ChatGPT

    What happens when ChatGPT does your homework? That’s what educators are figuring out now that the text generating technology is online. Teachers are talking about how to help students use it responsibly. West Seattle High School English chair Kira Hopkins is here to explain.

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    Navigating care in a Catholic hospital system

    In Washington about half of hospitals are Catholic run due to mergers. And that can complicate access to things like abortion, gender affirming care, and death with dignity. A new bill would authorize public oversight of hospital mergers and whether they would impact access to care. Seattle Times reporter Nina Shapiro is here to talk about the bill and our local hospital network.