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Jennie Cecil Moore


  • Seattle loses its sparkle for first time home buyers

    It is no surprise that it’s hard to buy a house in Seattle, but it's gotten even harder for many as interest rates and housing prices have soared. That means would-be home buyers are increasingly leaving the city, the metro area, and sometimes even the state. Seattle Times journalist Paul Roberts is here to tell us about his reporting on this trend and the calculus homebuyers are making.

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    WA Republicans weigh their options for president

    Washington state isn’t the biggest player when it comes to electoral votes during presidential races. Still the primary election is coming up on March 12, and Republican voters are weighing former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley KUOW’s David Hyde spoke with some local Republican families to get insights into their priorities for 2024.

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    Vocal supergroup säje garners a Grammy

    A few artists with ties to Seattle took the podium at the Grammys on Sunday. Composer and vocalist Sara Gazarek was there with her ensemble säje. They won best arrangement for their song “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning.” We’ll hear more about the music from Sara Gazarek.

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    Cheers to NA drinks!

    When you head out Friday night for a drink, you might find something really original. Cocktail menus around Seattle are full of zero proof options. It’s a whole new drink category and the market is booming. Seattle Times food writer Tan Vinh is here to tell us about the growing trend of non-alcoholic drinks in the city’s bars and restaurants.

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    Local libraries lead the pack in digital reading

    There’s a lot of reading going on around here. And we can prove it! King County Library is 3rd in the world for most digital holds. KCLS’s interim executive director Angie Miraflor is here to tell us about the growing demand for e-books and digital magazines

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    Restoring trust is Boeing's big task

    Boeing is trying to reassure customers its planes are safe. The company announced this week that it will beef up inspections after a doorplug blew out of a MAX 9 over a week ago. The company has struggled with quality control the last few years. Seattle Times aerospace reporter Dominic Gates is here to talk about how the story’s developing.

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    The ferry wait just got longer

    If doing the crossword in the ferry line is your thing, then get prepared to bring a few more of them. Washington State Ferries dropped any timeline to return to normal service last week. Fewer boats and workers are behind the hold up. Seattle Times reporter David Kroman explains what's going on with the fleet and what's ahead for passengers.

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    Why is it so warm?

    If you think it’s been warm this winter you are right. December’s temperatures broke records. And that means we’ll see less snowpack. Deputy state climatologist Karin Bumbaco is here to bring us up to speed on weather patterns and what’s ahead this winter.

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    Best of 2023: Saying goodbye to Tokitae

    Today we’ll revisit an episode on the life of Tokitae - the last southern resident Orca whale in captivity. She died in August. We talked to Lummi Nation member Jay Julius and Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes in August about her life and the story of endangered Orcas.

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    It was a big year for labor in Seattle

    Strikes, layoffs, worker shortages. There’s been a lot going on in the labor market this year. And unemployment has stayed low which means there’s work out there for job seekers. KUOW’s labor and economy reporter Monica Nickelsburg talks us through some of Seattle’s top labor stories of 2023.