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    What the Alaska Hawaiian deal might mean for customers

    Lots of people around here fly with Alaska miles. This week, the airline announced they’ve made an offer to buy Hawaiian Airlines. If the deal goes through, the company could see an expansion in aircraft and routes. We’ll talk to Helane Becker, an analyst with TD Cowen about how the merger might impact Seattle.

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    Burien strikes last-minute deal to open homeless shelter

    As the weather gets colder and wetter, finding shelter for unhoused people around the Puget Sound is getting more urgent. But things are about to change for a camp of unhoused Burien residents: the city struck an eleventh-hour deal to open 70 shelter spaces there in collaboration with King County. The decision was controversial, and it won't end high tensions in the city over how to respond to homelessness. Publicola editor Erica Barnett is here to tell us what happens next, and what other cities can take away from the story in Burien.

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    This holiday season, consider shopping small

    Now that the holiday shopping season is officially underway, retailers across the country are going big with cyber Monday sales. But before you click, remember, Seattle has lots of independent artists and businesses where you can find a unique gift. We'll hear from crafter and President of Urban Craft Uprising Kristen Rask.

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    Labor shortages are here to stay

    If you find you’re waiting longer for your coffee, you’re probably not alone. There’s fewer workers to get things done. And that’s something that’s happening on a larger scale. We’re seeing a shift in workers entering and leaving the workforce. UW Public Policy professor Jacob Vigdor is here to explain.

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    Can prostitution on Aurora Ave decline for good?

    Prostitution on Aurora Avenue has vexed Seattle leaders for decades. But two recent motel closures have led to a decline in sex work and crime in the area. It’s unclear if it will last. The Seattle Times’s Sara Jean Green explains how Aurora got this way and what tools the city and police are using to rein it in.

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    When a pilot needs mental health care

    Depression and anxiety are pretty common. They're also very treatable, but workers can be afraid to speak up because having a mental health condition can mean time off the job. Last week a pilot who experienced a mental health crisis aboard a Horizon Air flight allegedly tried to cut the engines. Jonathan Levinson with Oregon Public Broadcasting is here to talk about why pilots might not want to share that they’re struggling.

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    Helping unsheltered voters cast their ballots

    Election day is around the corner and it’s time to look through that voter’s pamphlet. But for unsheltered people, getting the materials and resources needed to vote can be a challenge. We’ll hear from a local organization on how they help people get registered and cast their vote.

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    This Seattle activist made a difference by donating her home

    The need for more affordable housing in Seattle is massive, but here’s a small but meaningful solution: homeowners who leave what they’ve got to a community trust. One recent gift of prime real estate will ensure that two families have an affordable place to live. We’ll hear more about it from Kathleen Hosfeld of the Homestead Community Land Trust.

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    Seattle's housing levy is back on the ballot

    We have an election coming up in just a few weeks and Seattle’s housing levy is up for renewal. The measure promises to get 3100 new affordable homes built. Housing finance lawyer Faith Pettis is here to talk about what the levy will pay for and how the program has performed over the years.

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    Vaccines are out, but be patient

    It’s time to roll up your sleeve again. The updated covid shot was approved a few weeks ago. But finding a place to get the vaccine is tough right now. We’ll talk to Libby Page from Seattle and King County Public Health to learn about how the rollout is going.