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Kevin Kniestedt



Kevin has spent his entire adult life in radio. He was hired by KPLU (now KNKX) in 2003 where he hosted the overnight jazz show during the weekdays. He eventually added a sixth shift, hosting the local side of Weekend Edition Saturday. In 2013, he moved across the country to be the local Morning Edition host in Charlotte, North Carolina where he won two regional Edward R. Murrow awards. After a year, he returned to KPLU to co-create the weekly Pacific Northwest storytelling show Sound Effect. During the six-year run of Sound Effect, Kevin produced and edited hundreds of long form audio stories, and won two national PMJA awards in the commentary category. Since Sound Effect ended, Kevin has been a general assignment producer and the local Weekend Edition Saturday host at KNKX, where he also helped produce Transmission, a podcast that tracked the COVID-19 pandemic in the Pacific Northwest.

Kevin loves to go camping, play tennis, watch football, attend film festivals and eat tacos. He lives in Seattle with his cat, Puddles.