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    Imaginary Friends Forever

    Did you ever have an imaginary friend? Maybe a furry blue monster who hates stop signs or a chattering fairy that hides in your pocket and steals bites of

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    Public Spaces That Appear Private

    In some parts of Seattle and San Francisco, developers can build more densely than the law would typically allow if they build what's called a POPOS. That

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    Dipping Below The Surface Of Puget Sound

    Most of us walk around on the surface of the earth, thinking that's all there is. But divers know better. There's just as much going on under the water as

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    Can Trauma Be Healed Through Design?

    Last week, a task force made up of elected officials prepared to make the final decision on what to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,

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    US Kids: The Sleepiest In The World

    Most people know kids in America don't get enough sleep. But did you know they're the sleepiest in the world? Researchers in Boston say sleep deprivation

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    City Flag Smackdown

    Every major US city has a flag. But not all are created equal. Today on KUOW Presents, we feature an episode of 99% Invisible that somehow makes