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Ruby Lee


  • caption: A collage of images from the thirteen youth-produced stories featured in this RadioActive Youth Media showcase.

    'Still looking toward the future.' Stories by teens during the pandemic

    Teens in the Seattle area have been balancing the grief, loss, and uncertainty of 2020 with the ups and downs of high school. And that's what this hour of youth radio is all about. Join hosts Adar Abdi and Ruby Lee as they showcase 13 stories produced by teens during the pandemic. You'll hear from a teen musician in recovery from drug addiction and a high schooler who made the move from South Africa to SeaTac. All from RadioActive Youth Media.

  • caption: Ruby Lee's grandma, mom, and great-aunts (from left: Andria Sueyoung Kim, Jackie Hyekoung Ro, Nancy Junghee Lee, Hae Ha Kwon, Eui Bun Lim, Haesook shin, and Sue Lim) during Korean New year in their hanboks, traditional Korean formal dresses.

    ‘History isn't one story.’ What my Korean family's immigration story taught me about my biracial identity

    I am Korean and Irish, which makes me biracial. My Irish family came to the U.S. a long time ago, but for my Korean side, coming to America is more recent history. My great-aunt Sue immigrated from Seoul, South Korea to Seattle when she was my age. She even graduated from Rainier Beach High School, where I'm a sophomore. I talked to her about her immigration story, and what it can teach me about my own racial identity.

  • caption: Row 1: Ruby Lee, Adar Abdi, Lyn Strober-Cohen and Kouther Ahmed. Row 2: Abdul Hameed, Sarah Pham, Jared Lam and Luis Hernandez Vargas. Row 3: Sam Habtemichael, Emily Chua, Hebaq Farah and Gabe Rambayon.

    Meet KUOW's Summer 2020 RadioActive youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media offered our 17th annual summer introductory workshop for teens. In our first ever all-virtual workshop, twelve teens, aged 15-19, spent three weeks learning what it means to be a radio journalist. They did all of the research, interviews, writing, voicing and editing to produce their own short radio stories from home. By the end of the three weeks, the group produced twelve profile stories.