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caption: Row 1: Ruby Lee, Adar Abdi, Lyn Strober-Cohen and Kouther Ahmed. Row 2: Abdul Hameed, Sarah Pham, Jared Lam and Luis Hernandez Vargas. Row 3: Sam Habtemichael, Emily Chua, Hebaq Farah and Gabe Rambayon.
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Row 1: Ruby Lee, Adar Abdi, Lyn Strober-Cohen and Kouther Ahmed. Row 2: Abdul Hameed, Sarah Pham, Jared Lam and Luis Hernandez Vargas. Row 3: Sam Habtemichael, Emily Chua, Hebaq Farah and Gabe Rambayon.

Meet KUOW's Summer 2020 RadioActive youth producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media offered our 17th annual summer introductory workshop for teens. In our first ever all-virtual workshop, twelve teens, aged 15-19, spent three weeks learning what it means to be a radio journalist.

They did all of the research, interviews, writing, voicing and editing to produce their own short radio stories from home. By the end of the three weeks, the group produced twelve profile stories.

Abdul Muhsin Hameed, Sophomore, Washington Virtual Academy

From aviation by day to amateur astrophotography by night, I take an excessive interest in electronics. As someone who has read books since childhood, I take interest in both reading and telling stories of my own. I am someone who loves to learn and teach others what I know.

Adar Abdi, Sophomore, Evergreen High School

I am an introvert who loves to read, write and go on walks. I come from a big family in White Center, an unincorporated area in King County. I am interested in bringing positive change to my community and fighting for justice. My dreams for the future are to go to a college out-of-state and enter the field of law.

Emily Chua, First-year student, University of Washington

Books, words, stories - I love them all and consume and produce too many of them for my own good. Having personally experienced the power of a story, I enjoy discovering new ways of communication and expression, whether that be through a foreign language, symbolism and metaphor, codes and cyphers, or radio. As a lifelong pianist, I default to music as my alternate communication medium, so when I’m not holed up in my room with my nose in a book or a pen in my hand, I might be transcribing a pop melody or working out the nitty-gritty of a classical piece on the piano. I am also a human biology geek, and I craft supernatural sci-fi characters in my free time. I take pride in my ethnic and educational roots and look forward to exploring other cultures throughout my life.

Gabe Rambayon, Junior, Decatur High School

Being Filipino (Ilokano) and Native (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), I grew up with a strong cultural presence. Basketball plays a major role in both communities, which has led to my deep passion for basketball. Although my passion is in basketball, my goal in life is to become a pediatrician and help as many people as I can. At school, I'm a part of DECA, Leadership, Native American Club and the basketball team. I love researching, listening to and learning about podcasts and radio. I would love to share and spread unheard stories.

Hebaq Farah, Sophomore, University Prep

From sitting on my mother's lap as she told me Somali folktales to now understanding the impact that storytelling has, it's my turn to gain the necessary skills to do just that. By reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, I learned the importance of finding one's true passion and adventure. I use every different experience that I undergo as an opportunity to grow as an individual. People describe me as an adaptable person, and this adaptability helps me expand my skillset. I aspire to one day let the world know that I was here and made it a better place. I know that the road to my goals will not be as smooth as I would like to imagine but everything I do along the way will better prepare me.

Jared Lam, Senior, Ballard High School

I love to joke around, listen to cool music of all genres, watch weird movies and hangout with my friends. I am from a very multicultural background; my mother is Norwegian, German and Cherokee, and my father is Chinese and immigrated to the United States from Malaysia. These different, rich cultures have shaped the way I see the world and have opened my mind about people who are different from me and created interest in other cultures that I’m not familiar with.

Kouther Ahmed, Junior, Tyee High School and Running Start at Highline College

I am a young, Black, Muslim girl with a strong mind and big dreams. I hope to have a career in radiology but journalism could replace it. I hope to attend college at the University of California, Los Angeles or University of Washington. I love to read and hear people’s stories. I love hanging out with friends and enjoy meeting new people. I’m a hardworking athlete and love watching basketball games. My all-time favorite NBA star is Stephen Curry, and my dream would be to go to one of his games. I love giving back to my community in any way I can. I love getting my nose into opportunities that interest me and would have an impact on my career and myself. I never give up on things I love and want to do. I love to put myself out there and get out of my comfort zone to discover new things about others and myself.

Luis Hernandez Vargas, First-year student, Queensborough Community College

The top five things I can talk about for hours are the different cultures within music, the different places in Seattle that I love, the sociopolitical issues that disproportionately affect communities of color, how geopolitical issues affect the American political machine, and art. The most important things about myself are that I am a dual citizen of the USA and the Republic of Mexico, a photographer and an aspiring journalist. I plan to study political science and journalism in New York.

Lyn Strober-Cohen, Junior, Nova High School

I have always been told that the biggest power in the world is the power of my own voice, and as an extrovert, I have been able to find that voice. I found my voice through my discovery of sexuality and finding my own space within the Jewish community. During my free time, I love bopping out to K-pop and Taylor Swift and traveling all over the world. I care heavily about social action issues such as racial justice, climate justice, gender discrimination and LGBTQ rights. My dream is to one day live in New York City and work as a journalist and report on those same issues of social action and give people the chance to use their voice.

Ruby Lee, Sophomore, Rainier Beach High School

It's hard to put into a few words what makes me who I am. Let's start with this. I'm very outspoken, determined and creative. I like to explore, whether it is through new hobbies, music, foods, or even just a good old adventure through the city. A few hobbies I dabble in are graphic design, thrifting and fashion, crafting, public speaking, and photography. If I'm being honest, I like all types of music (except for country --sorry, country fans). Some of my favorite artists are Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, SZA, Daniel Ceaser and Solange, but those are just a few. It's funny because I feel like I have multiple personalities when it comes to ambition. Part of me wants to become a techy computer engineer, part of me wants to be an artsy photographer or graphic artist, and part of me wants to go to New York and work as a Vogue editor or something like that. I also really love film. Some of my all times favorites are, Crazy Rich Asians, The Hate U Give, Call Me By Your Name, and To All The Boys I've Loved Before. As you can see media has really influenced my life. I'm passionate, I strive to succeed and help my community do the same. When I put my mind to something I become focused and put all my energy and love into it. I'm a perfectionist which can be hard but it helps me to see my work in a different more creative lens. I'm a people person, I love giving advice to someone who might be struggling and I'm definitely your go-to wing woman and will definitely hype you up. I'm very self-aware which helps me to reach for every opportunity and goal I set for myself.

Samrawite Habtemichael, Junior, Big Picture High School

I love to browse different habits, write, read and learn creatively through projects. I have developed an interest in interviewing a variety of people in my local Ethiopian community. Doing a variety of projects, from working with elementary students to interviewing my community, was a big change. But the feeling of not knowing what type of career field I want to pursue is my main focus. Learning about different types of careers and hobbies is one way for me to know what I'm truly interested in. I was never the type of person to stick with one hobby, so interviewing people is one way for me to learn about the people around me. I have learned to stick with writing, which has helped me to express myself and see personal growth and skills I have picked up that will help me later on in my wiring journey.

Sarah Pham, First-year student, University of Washington

I am a daughter, spoken-word poet and filmmaker. My favorite part of the day is just after the sun sets, when I can fall asleep to a good book. I absolutely love meeting new people and having long conversations. I'm interested in law, economics, political science, history and journalism, and I will study at the University of Washington this fall. The most captivating part about me isn't me; it's my story and the collection of people who have a chapter in my life. I still have a lot of life left to write.

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