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Jared Lam


  • caption: A page from Rachel's book "Denali nole Tsataga (Tom and the Chickens)."

    'We're trying to save who we are': The Kituwah language is endangered, but my sister and our elders keep it alive

    Indigenous languages are under threat. In 2019, there were only about 2,000 Cherokee speakers left, with the vast majority of remaining speakers over the age of 70. RadioActive youth reporter Jared Lam talks to his sister, Rachel Lam, who has been learning an Indigenous language commonly known as Cherokee. She is working on a children's book to help younger generations learn the language.

  • caption: Camila

    I stayed sober through the pandemic

    Camila was 17, and four months sober when the pandemic started. She shared her struggles and triumphs through maintaining that progress with KUOW's Radioactive Youth Media program.

  • caption: Coltrane Fisher

    My friend’s in recovery. Music helped him survive

    My friend Coltrane Fisher is a 17-year-old musician and quite the character. As kids, we bonded over our similar love for music but drifted apart at the end of middle school as Coltrane started experimenting with hard drugs. By the beginning of high school, Coltrane went to rehab for opioids, among other drugs including alcohol.

  • caption: Row 1: Ruby Lee, Adar Abdi, Lyn Strober-Cohen and Kouther Ahmed. Row 2: Abdul Hameed, Sarah Pham, Jared Lam and Luis Hernandez Vargas. Row 3: Sam Habtemichael, Emily Chua, Hebaq Farah and Gabe Rambayon.

    Meet KUOW's Summer 2020 RadioActive youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media offered our 17th annual summer introductory workshop for teens. In our first ever all-virtual workshop, twelve teens, aged 15-19, spent three weeks learning what it means to be a radio journalist. They did all of the research, interviews, writing, voicing and editing to produce their own short radio stories from home. By the end of the three weeks, the group produced twelve profile stories.