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Welcome KUOW's 2021 RadioActive advanced youth producers

caption: Row 1: Simone St. Pierre-Nelson, Lyn Strober-Cohen, Soraya Marashi, and Marian Mohamed. Row 2: Irving-Antonio Nevarez, Adar Abdi, Jared Lam, and Lucas Galarneau. Row 3: Kouther Ahmed, Iz Ortiz, Charlotte Engrav, and Morgen White.
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Row 1: Simone St. Pierre-Nelson, Lyn Strober-Cohen, Soraya Marashi, and Marian Mohamed. Row 2: Irving-Antonio Nevarez, Adar Abdi, Jared Lam, and Lucas Galarneau. Row 3: Kouther Ahmed, Iz Ortiz, Charlotte Engrav, and Morgen White.

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our advanced journalism workshop. Twelve graduates of our introduction to journalism workshop will spend the spring with KUOW online.

During that time, they will gain advanced communications, audio production, and journalism skills. Subscribe to the RadioActive podcast to hear what they create.

Applications are open for RadioActive’s online summer 2021 Intro to Journalism workshop.

Adar Abdi (Sophomore, Evergreen High School, White Center)

Adar Abdi is a sophomore in high school who loves to read and welcomes any book recommendations that you have. Fun fact: She loves ice cream, and her favorite kind is Sweet Cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

Charlotte Engrav (Junior, Eastside Preparatory School, Central District)

Charlotte Engrav is a 17-year-old who has lived in Leschi her entire life. Something she’s started exploring since the beginning of quarantine is the history of the streets and roads she walks down every day. In this workshop, she hopes she can take what she’s learned and tell some of that story. Outside of making podcasts, she loves reading, writing short stories, and drawing.

Irving-Antonio Nevarez (Junior, Highline Big Picture High School, SeaTac)

Irving-Antonio Nevarez enjoys journalism because it gives him the “chance to share the voices that desperately need to be heard with those who are open to listen.”

Iz Ortiz (Fourth Year, Western Washington University, Burien)

Iz Ortiz is currently in their last year at Western Washington University studying to get their Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual art.

Jared Lam (Senior, Ballard High School, Fremont)

Jared Lam was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. His father is a Malaysian-Chinese immigrant, and his mother is of Cherokee, Norwegian, and broadly European descent. Growing up, he was exposed to many different cultures where he became drawn to various forms of storytelling.

Kouther Ahmed (Junior, Tyee High School, SeaTac)

Kouther Ahmed is a “young, Black, Muslim woman with a strong mind and big dreams.” She likes to explore, whether that’s through new hobbies, opportunities, or a good old adventure through the city. She considers herself very self-aware, which she believes helps her reach for every opportunity and goal she sets for herself. She’s excited for what’s in store, and she hopes to have journalism as a future career option.

Lucas Galarneau (Junior, Nova High School, Central District)

Lucas Galarneau has had a passion for creativity and writing since childhood, as well as concerns about equity and social justice. He sees journalism as a way to practice these interests. He enjoys having the opportunity to share his own and other people’s stories, and he appreciates RadioActive for giving him the chance to do so.

Lyn Strober-Cohen (Junior, Nova High School, Central District)

Whether through oral storytelling or performing arts, Lyn Strober-Cohen has always loved the idea of storytelling. Over the pandemic, they’ve noticed that shared stories and experiences seem to have become increasingly important to society. Growing up, they have experienced the impact a story can have, and they are excited to share their own reporting with listeners soon.

Marian Mohamed (First Year, University of Washington, Kent)

Marian Mohamed says, “If you were to tell the past-me that I would have the privilege to create stories and practice journalism, I would’ve looked at you crazy.” But here she is, walking into another year with an open heart and a new story to tell.

Morgen White (First Year, North Seattle College, Phinney Ridge)

Morgen White attends North Seattle College, and she’s working towards her Associate of Arts. She’s excited to pursue a major in journalism at school and learn more about news reporting through the RadioActive advanced news track.

Simone St. Pierre-Nelson (Senior, Gibson Ek High School, Issaquah)

Simone St. Pierre Nelson is an audio producer and lifelong storyteller from Issaquah, Washington. Her passions lie in education, politics, history, and of course, immersive audio. When not making radio, she can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons or walking her puppy, Frisco.

Soraya Marashi (Fourth Year, University of Washington, Newcastle)

Soraya Marashi is an award-winning storyteller, having produced podcasts and feature stories for KUOW's RadioActive for four years. She is currently in her fourth year at the University of Washington, studying International Studies and Informatics; she also writes stories and academic research papers for various UW student publications. When she's not studying for her classes, she loves listening to music and going to concerts, spending time with her friends, and watching 90 Day Fiancé with her mom. She's so excited to produce another round of stories for KUOW this year and is thrilled to be working with the RadioActive fam again.

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