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Morgen White


  • caption: In this stock photo, a young adult wearing a t-shirt sits in a darkened podcast recording studio.

    We need to think about the ethics of true crime

    People seem to love crime content. But is it ethical? RadioActive's Alayna Ly, Morgen White, and Colin Yuen talked to listeners, creators, and media ethicists to find out.

  • caption: Morgen White poses in her starting position before beginning a freestyle pole dance to the Nicki Minaj song "Grand Piano" at Divine Movement Pole Dance & Fitness in Seattle in May 2022.

    How I found bodily autonomy through pole dancing

    For RadioActive's Morgen White, pole dancing is a sanctuary. Taking pole dancing classes has boosted her confidence and strengthened her self-love. In this essay, she explores the importance of appreciating herself as a sexual being, and being fully herself in front of others who respect and value her body as her own.

  • caption: The RadioActive 2022 Advanced Producers. Top row from left: Eva Solorio, Antonio Nevarez, Adar Abdi, Jennifer Nguyen. Middle row: Rhea Beecher, Rahmah Abdulazeez, Emily Chua, Colin Yuen. Bottom row: Alayna Ly, Najuma Abadir, Lyn Strober-Cohen, Morgen White.

    Meet RadioActive's 2022 advanced youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our Advanced Radio Journalism Workshop. Twelve graduates of our Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop are spending the spring with KUOW, and gaining advanced communications, audio production, and journalism skills.

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    Pandemic puppy problems

    Dogs became everybody's new best friend during the pandemic, and adoptions soared. But now that we're starting to go out again, some new dog parents are realizing their pup needs help adjusting to the new normal. We turn to Seattle-based dog trainer Joey Iversen for some help. Support the show by making a gift to KUOW:

  • caption: In this episode of the RadioActive podcast, we explore polarization and social media -- through fictional storytelling, nonfiction reporting, and cereal.

    One breakfast, divided. How social media polarizes us

    After the election, some RadioActive teen reporters had questions: about polarization, belonging, and social media. In this episode, they set out to combine factual reporting with fictional scenes to tell an even "truer" story about these questions.

  • caption: Morgen White: "This is a photo of me getting ready for work in the morning. I work at Trader Joe’s in Ballard, in Seattle. I always put my mask on before I leave the house."

    Photos of my life as a teen essential worker, supporting my family

    The coronavirus pandemic allowed RadioActive’s Morgen White to work at Trader Joe’s during school hours. Morgen, who recently graduated from Ballard High School in north Seattle, chronicled her life during this pandemic for KUOW – from working at Trader Joe’s, to accompanying her mom to work, and watching her classmates graduate.

  • caption: Elise Cresswell is a reporter searching for a big story. When she meets a scorned cowboy, she thinks she's found it. But like any good story, it doesn't end the way she expects.

    Spurned. A podcast about an outcast cowboy

    Elise Cresswell is a reporter searching for a big story. When she meets a scorned "cowboy," she thinks she's found it. But like any good story, it doesn't end the way she expects...