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Antonio Nevarez


  • caption: Thousands of students rallied on the steps of Seattle City Hall on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, after walking out of class in protest of gun violence in schools. Less than one week ago, a deadly shooting occurred at Seattle's Ingraham High School.

    How local youth are taking on school gun violence

    Gun violence in schools has only gotten more common in the past decade. Often, it’s young people themselves who are shouldering the burden of finding solutions to the crisis. Youth reporters Antonio Nevarez and Hayden Andersen explain what local youth advocates want to see, and how young people can get involved in solutions.

  • caption: Visitors stream through the main entrance to Pike Place Market in August 2022.

    ‘A coral reef for local businesses’: Pike Place Market celebrates 115 years

    This August, Seattle’s Pike Place Market celebrated its 115th birthday. Since 1907, the iconic market has been home to small businesses, street-performing musicians, fish throwing, fresh produce, and even the first-ever Starbucks. RadioActive’s Antonio Nevarez went to Pike Place Market to talk to tourists, regulars, and store owners about the Market today.

  • caption: Micky Randolph, Antonio Nevarez, Ava Cook, and Lucia Lavador pose for a photo at prom on the Argosy Goodtime III in Seattle on June 4, 2022. These are the people heard in the "my friends are looking at outfit inspiration" part of the story. The prom was "Hollywood Glamour" theme. Photo courtesy of Antonio Nevarez.

    'I really appreciate you being there for me': The importance of LGBTQ role models

    It's become a lot more common for young LGBTQ people to see themselves represented in media. Just look at the variety of streaming shows right now with "Gentleman Jack," "Heartstopper," and "RuPaul's Drag Race." These are programs where people can see themselves, and their potential future, represented and celebrated. But just because you see a part of yourself represented on the big screen, doesn't mean you feel welcome within your own community.

  • caption: The RadioActive 2022 Advanced Producers. Top row from left: Eva Solorio, Antonio Nevarez, Adar Abdi, Jennifer Nguyen. Middle row: Rhea Beecher, Rahmah Abdulazeez, Emily Chua, Colin Yuen. Bottom row: Alayna Ly, Najuma Abadir, Lyn Strober-Cohen, Morgen White.

    Meet RadioActive's 2022 advanced youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our Advanced Radio Journalism Workshop. Twelve graduates of our Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop are spending the spring with KUOW, and gaining advanced communications, audio production, and journalism skills.

  • caption: The author, Antonio Nevarez.

    How the pandemic gave me courage to explore my feminine side

    Away from school hallways and cafeterias, some young people took time during quarantine to explore their identities. That was the case for RadioActive youth producer Antonio Nevarez, who wanted to know why understandings of masculinity seem so limiting.

  • caption: In this episode of the RadioActive podcast, we explore polarization and social media -- through fictional storytelling, nonfiction reporting, and cereal.

    One breakfast, divided. How social media polarizes us

    After the election, some RadioActive teen reporters had questions: about polarization, belonging, and social media. In this episode, they set out to combine factual reporting with fictional scenes to tell an even "truer" story about these questions.