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Emily Chua


  • caption: In this episode of the RadioActive podcast, we explore polarization and social media -- through fictional storytelling, nonfiction reporting, and cereal.

    One breakfast, divided. How social media polarizes us

    After the election, some RadioActive teen reporters had questions: about polarization, belonging, and social media. In this episode, they set out to combine factual reporting with fictional scenes to tell an even "truer" story about these questions.

  • caption: Lisa Chua (left) is a full-time homeschool mom to her two kids Emily and Anthony. 

Some high school students in Washington State are required to fulfill a 40-hour community service requirement. Here, Emily and Anthony are seen volunteering for Pacific Science Center’s guest services department. They enjoyed it so much that they ended up contributing over 200 hours each.

    From software engineer to full-time homeschool mom

    Some people may think that homeschooling is only for celebrities or the reclusively religious, but my family doesn’t fall into either category. After 10 years of homeschooling I’ve just graduated high school. I talked with my mom about why she gave up a career in software engineering to homeschool me and my brother.