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Sarah Norris Hall

Board Member

Finance Vice Chair


Sarah Norris Hall

UW Vice Provost, Office of Planning & Budgeting

In her current role, Sarah is responsible for oversight of the University’s academic budget process and results, specifically the development of the University’s state budget cycle and operating budget, in support of the Provost’s role as Chief Academic and Budget Officer. Sarah and her team in OPB are charged with leading and evolving the University’s budget model; academy financial forecasting; state-related budget development and analysis; policy development; capital planning strategy in partnership with Facilities; and analytical modeling and reporting efforts for the University. OPB proudly serves leadership with decision support on higher education policy issues, and academic budgetary planning, including tuition and financial aid policy. Sarah is on the boards of the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, and the Portage Bay Insurance Company.

Sarah previously worked for the former Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Washington State University.