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Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at KUOW

KUOW is committed to transforming into an anti-racist organization — one in which all of our policies and practices work towards the goal of dismantling racial inequities and fostering a workplace that is inclusive, supportive and welcoming to all. Doing so goes far beyond a plan or checklist. It is a comprehensive process that will require examination and transformation in our ways of thinking, our ways of doing, and our structures of accountability to our colleagues and the public we serve.

Engaging in this work is not optional — it is essential to fulfilling our mission and vision. If we are to create and serve a more informed public, we must serve our entire community — not just a subset. If we are to broaden conversations and deepen understanding, we must ensure our coverage amplifies underrepresented voices in our community and challenges narratives that normalize systemic racism. If we are to live our organizational values of demanding integrity, having courage, earning trust and valuing diversity, we must be willing to hold ourselves accountable to the ways we have caused communities and colleagues harm — and take meaningful action to institute changes at every level of our organization.

Racial Equity Team

In 2017, KUOW commissioned a Racial Equity Team, comprised of staff members from across the organization, to serve as an advisory body to the KUOW President and General Manager. The team works to identify the current state of KUOW's racial equity, diversity and inclusivity practices and develop new initiatives and policies to foster an anti-oppressive and racially equitable workplace.

KUOW Racial Equity Initiatives

As a starting point, KUOW is focusing on several key initiatives as we work towards transforming into an anti-racist news organization. They are: attracting, hiring and retaining a diverse staff at all levels; tracking and improving the diversity of our sources (who we interview); implementing narrative screens to ground our reporting in the context of systemic racism and to challenge, not perpetuate, racist narratives; providing training for staff to promote critical thinking and skill development in racial equity work; developing processes for staff and the community to provide feedback and surface concerns; and transforming institutional policies with equity at the forefront. Learn more about KUOW's Racial Equity Initiatives >