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KUOW kicks off 2020 election coverage

In-depth stories of bridging the divide lead a year of voter-focused coverage, KUOW LIVE events, Elections Newsletter, and more so you’re ready by November 3.

February 14, 2020

Seattle, WA—KUOW officially kicks-off 2020 election coverage by sharing stories and ideas of how local voters have successfully navigated the issues that most divide us. In addition to our regular in-depth local reporting and comprehensive national analysis from NPR, our newsroom will uncover what has been seemingly so hard to find: paths through our disconnection.

“When exploring how we might approach the upcoming year, we noticed that a common emotion around the election seems to be some sense of fear; fear that the culture wars and divisiveness will lead to an outcome that feels personal," said Jennifer Strachan, KUOW’s Chief Content Officer. "We want to lean into that tension and find those voters who have found a way through it. We want to share stories and ideas that our audience can use as they move through this election season."

It Starts With Listening

KUOW invites the public to help us with our coverage. Throughout 2020, we will invite listeners to share stories of bridging the divide and point us toward the groups and people who have taken a new approach. We will also ask our audience to submit their questions and answer surveys on issues that matter most to them—on social media,, and via our weekly Elections newsletter.

“We want to challenge the notion that our country is so polarized that people don’t even interact with anyone who disagrees with them anymore,” said Jill Jackson, KUOW’s News Director. “It’s not always a comfortable dialogue, but it’s happening every day on college campuses, with neighbors and on social media. What you can expect from KUOW are in-depth stories featuring voters’ efforts to navigate some of the most polarizing issues in our country such as immigration and gun regulations. We’ll illuminate the nuance and complexity of those issues to provide deeper understanding.”

Listeners can tune-in to 94.9 FM for live broadcasts or stream content from, tell their smart speaker to “Play KUOW” or search for “KUOW” on podcast platforms to hear stories on-demand.

Broaden Conversations. Deepen Understanding.

In addition, KUOW is planning a series of live events across the Puget Sound region to hear from voters and explore the perspectives that are influencing this election season.

“We believe a better future begins with an informed public. We’re increasing our investment in live events and digital content so we can better meet our audience where they are,” said Stewart Meyer, KUOW’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s important for us to get out of the studio and meet face-to-face with those we serve.”

Throughout 2020, KUOW will convene a series of live events across the Puget Sound Region to bring our community together and explore how we can restore trust in our democratic process. In partnership with the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, KUOW will bring together thought-leaders from business, government, academia, and media to explore the problem of mis/dis-information, the impact it has on our election, and offer solutions for how to combat the challenge.

KUOW is also renewing “That’s Debatable,” its live event series with experts arguing FOR and AGAINST propositions on local issues such as hyper-growth and homelessness.

KUOW will also co-sponsor watch parties when the Presidential debates air beginning in September.

How to Get Started

Tap into KUOW’s election coverage by subscribing to the KUOW Elections Newsletter. This weekly email contains links to top KUOW election-related stories, as well as links to stories from trusted media outlets curated by KUOW editors. It also lists upcoming KUOW events and key election-related dates such as the WA state primary and debate schedules.

About KUOW

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