KUOW Logos for print and Web

KUOW logos must not be altered in any way, redrawn, embellished, or recreated. Variations are not permitted. For further questions contact KUOW Web Staff.


Clear Space: Area round the logo that should be free of any other logos, graphics, text or borders.

Use the "O" from the logo as a baseline to measure the amount of free space around the logo when resizing it.

Minimum Size: The logo should not be used smaller than the approved minimum size

Print: 1 inch

Web: 200 px wide

Things to avoid

Never use the logo with visual effects such as drop shadow.

Never change the color or or mix color options within the formal logo

Never try to re-create or match the original artwork with other fonts.

Never distort the logo.

Never change orientation of the 3-D direction, the proportion/scale of elements, or re-arrange any of the components.

Never place thee logo on a competing background.

Never break the logo apart and use the signature letterforms by themselves.

Primary Palette

Warm Black

Pantone: PMS 5395

CMYK: 98/69/32/45

HEX: #464c59

​RGB: 70/76/89


Pantone: PMS 485

CMYK: 0/73/92/1

HEX: #e45d50

RGB: 228/93/80


Pantone: PMS 628

CMYK: 22/0/9/0

HEX: #bcdcd9

RGB: 188/220/217

JPG Files (White Background)



PNG Files (Transparent Background)