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KUOW Releases Season Two of The Wild with Chris Morgan

SEATTLE, WA — From the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard to the Elwha River on the Olympic Peninsula, KUOW’s 12-episode season two of The Wild with Chris Morgan takes listeners along for the ride as Morgan explores wildlife, the complex web of ecosystems they inhabit, and the colorful human characters that know these places and species best. Since its launch in 2019, The Wild with Chris Morgan has captured the attention of listeners worldwide and been downloaded over a million times.

For Morgan, this podcast is about sharing his experiences and adventures in and with nature: “There’s a real “wonder” about season two. We go in deep to some otherwise secret places, like the life of trees, and a river becoming wild again, where nature is taking ahold. We look at our relationship with wild animals, and bring the magic of the high arctic to your ears. Such variety....just like the natural world itself. I think people are going to love it. Come with us!”

“The audience shares Chris’ passion, curiosity and wonder about nature. They turn to THE WILD to hear stories that transport them away from the office job and out to the trail head and beyond. Like most of us, they are experiencing heavy news fatigue. We will provide them with hope and optimism about the state of the world through the wonder of THE WILD,” said Brendan Sweeney, KUOW’s Director of New Content and Innovation.

Chris Morgan has worked as a wildlife researcher, wilderness guide and environmental educator worldwide for more than 20 years. He has hosted and contributed to award-winning documentaries and television productions, including regular work with PBS Nature, National Geographic Television, BBC and Discovery Channel. He is also the co-founder of Wildlife Media, a non-profit conservation organization that produced BEARTREK, and UPROAR.

The first episode, titled "Return to Svalbard,” Chris returns to the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, famous for polar bears, walruses and migratory birds, 13 years since he last visited the islands. He is excited - but apprehensive - about what he might find after 13 years of alarming headlines about declining ice and emaciated bears. How does this arctic ecosystem “work”? And what is the future for this beautiful corner of the North?

Listeners can subscribe to The Wild with Chris Morgan at or in any podcasting app. New episodes will publish weekly. Listeners can also follow The Wild with Chris Morgan on Instagram at @thewildpod.


1. Return to Svalbard

2. Knock down a dam and wait five years

3. The Secret Life of Trees

4. Richard Louv and our Connection with Animals

5. Karelian Bear Dogs

6. The Ancient Wild

7. Technology and Animal Research Part 1

8. Technology and Animal Research Part 2

9. Owls

10. Rewilding the Scottish Highlands

11. Poop!

12. Wolves in Washington


Michaela Gianotti, Senior Manager Marketing Communications