Nonprofit partnerships

KUOW is proud to provide over 80 nonprofit organizations with in-kind support for events taking place in our broadcast region.

Selected events reflect KUOW's mission and expose listeners to a variety of cultural, artistic, civic, and community experiences that entertain, promote discourse, and increase participation in our community. Awarded events are selected through a competitive application process and must meet the Nonprofit Partnership Guidelines (PDF)

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Media Sponsorship Guidelines


Awards consist of in-kind on-air messages and are granted to annual festivals, single museum or art exhibitions, lectures, and other public events. KUOW does not grant awards to fundraising or advocacy events. Events within a series/season must be submitted as single events for consideration. The series/season sponsorship category is no longer available.

Application Process

Step 1: Review the Nonprofit Partnership Guidelines (PDF) to verify that your organization and event(s) are eligible for sponsorship.

Step 2: Check the deadline to apply (see guidelines)

Step 3: Apply online: Nonprofit Award Application

Applications will be reviewed quarterly. Decisions will be sent out 1-2 weeks after each quarterly deadline. If you require an early review of your application, please email us at partnerships@kuow.orgKUOW will not award an organization with outstanding Business Support invoices.


If you have any questions regarding the KUOW Nonprofit Partnerships program please email

Resource for partners: KUOW logos.