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Weekday tracks the trends in society that become tomorrow's headlines. This program is no longer on air.


  • Reaction To President Obama's Gun Control Announcement

    Just over one month after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama and Vice President Biden are set to announce their plan for action on reducing gun violence. We'll carry the President's remarks live from the White House and hear what Beth Flynn of Washington Ceasefire and Phil Watson of the Second Amendment Foundation have to say about his proposals.

  • Nancy Pearl Recommends Armchair Travel Books

    Marcie Sillman gets book hugger Nancy Pearl's recommendations for a good book to take you to an exotic location from the comfort of your favorite reading chair.

  • Closing The Opportunity Gap For Students Of Color

    Trish Millines Dziko co-founded the Technology Access Foundation in 1996 to provide science, math, engineering and technology education for Seattle's students of color. Access to technology has improved since the foundation was created, but many low-income students and students of color still face obstacles to becoming innovators and creators. How can we close the gap so all students have equal opportunities? Can programs like this work in all of our school districts? Trish Dziko joins us.

  • Ask Governor Jay Inslee

    It's getting down to the wire at the state capitol in Olympia, where lawmakers are working to pass a budget in the final weeks of the 105-day state Legislative session. Legislators are bargaining over how to best meet a state Supreme Court ruling to amply fund public education to the tune of $1 billion. There's also talk of toughening DUI laws, and a dispute over funding for the Columbia River Crossing in Southwest Washington. We'll ask Governor Jay Inslee about the latest news. Have a question for the governor?

  • Monitor Merrick Bobb's Plan For Seattle Police Reform

    Tuesday, a federal judge approved a plan to reform Seattle's Police Department. This comes a day after the Seattle Police Officers Guild and Seattle Police Management Association filed a court challenge to the plan, raising concerns about the collective bargaining rights of police officers. We'll talk with independent monitor Merrick Bobb and senior police expert Joe Brann about the details of the reform plan.

  • What Should Sally Jewell Do As Interior Secretary?

    55:52 President Obama has nominated REI executive Sally Jewell for Secretary of the Interior. What should she focus on if she is confirmed? How should she manage the vast public lands that would be in her portfolio? We talk with local experts and conservationists. Join the discussion by emailing

  • Your Take On The News

    It’s Friday — time to talk over the news with Knute Berger, Joni Balter and Eli Sanders. A new AP-GfK poll finds support for tighter gun laws as President Obama announces his plan for action and the NRA digs in for a fight. Lawmakers in Olympia get down to business and Governor Jay Inslee takes office in the first full week of the state legislative session. Plus, Seattle City Councilman Bruce Harrell joins the race for mayor. What stories caught your attention this week? Write to us at

  • Funding Higher Education In 2013

    The presidents of Washington’s six public universities have a deal for state legislators in Olympia. They would hold back on tuition increases for two years. In return, the Legislature would spend an additional $225 million on higher education. Will legislators agree? Adding to the money woes is the mandate from the state Supreme Court to amply fund K-12 education — meaning even less money making its way to public colleges and universities. We discuss funding higher education in 2013 with University of Washington President Michael Young.

  • Your Take On The News

    It’s Friday — time to review the week’s news with Eli Sanders, Knute Berger, David Horsey and Bruce Ramsey. The House of Representatives voted 257-167 late Tuesday night to avoid the "fiscal cliff." The deal keeps the Bush tax cuts in place for individuals making less than $400,000 a year, extends federal emergency unemployment benefits and Washington state's sales tax deduction, and sets up Fiscal Cliff 2 in just a few weeks. We'll look at how the deal went down and what lies ahead.

  • The Weekday Holiday Fireside Chat!

    Warm yourself by the fireside with us this morning. Steve Scher is kicking back before Christmas with Santa Claus, Jimmy Stewart, Frosty the Snowman and you!

  • Looking At The Link Between Mental Illness And Violence

    Officials have not yet released any information on the mental state of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter, but anecdotal reports about his behavior and character have led people to diagnose him with a myriad of mental illnesses. At what point does conjecture lead to stigmatization of people with mental illness? Is it fair to connect violence with mental illness? We talk about it with Dr. Jennifer Stuber of the School of Social Work at the University of Washington.