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Step back into 'The Wild' - Season 3 of KUOW's hit podcast is here

We're excited to invite you to step back into nature this spring with a new season of KUOW's hit podcast The Wild with Chris Morgan.

The Wild explores wild animals, the complex ecosystems they inhabit, and the humans who know these species and places best. Since the podcast launched in 2019, it's been downloaded over 3,250,000 times by listeners across the globe. In the newest season, host Chris Morgan will take listeners to the jungles of Belize to find the Scarlet Macaw, a colorful parrot threatened by habitat loss, and to visit the world's only jaguar preserve. He'll head to Southern California to learn what is being done to care for one of the rarest birds on earth, the California Condor. He'll meet with rattlesnake researchers, explore raven behavior, and even investigate why it's so hard to swat a house fly.

While we may be spending more time indoors than usual, we hope this season of The Wild offers a sonic escape into the natural world.

You can start listening by searching for "The Wild" wherever you get your podcasts (or find episode one here). You can also follow @TheWildPod on Instagram to see pictures and videos from the episodes. Finally, we're hosting a free virtual event with host Chris Morgan and fellow wildlife ecologist Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant on May 13. Details and RSVP here.