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Stand With The Facts

KUOW and UW’s Center for an Informed Public have launched a new project: Stand with the Facts. This collaboration addresses the spread of misinformation – How do we spot it? How can we stop it? The urgency of this project could not be greater in light of both the political climate and the current health crisis. According to a recent NPR poll, voters consider “misleading information” the #1 threat to keeping our elections safe and accurate. NPR also reports that the spread of misinformation as news about the virus is spreading faster than the disease.

Watch videos of the online events hosted this summer; utilize the Stand with the Facts tool kit, sign up for KUOW’s Election Newsletter and find out ways you can combat fake news and misinformation and stand with the facts.

More Stand with the Facts virtual events are in the works for the fall.

Stand with the Facts: How to spot fact from fiction during a pandemic

Streamed live May 26.

Stand with the Facts: Big Tech and the fight against misinformation

Streamed live June 9.

Stand with the Facts: Finding facts during a crisis

Streamed live June 23.

Stand with the Facts: How bots and trolls leverage a crisis

Streamed live July 7.

Stand with the Facts: Community solutions to combat misinformation

Streamed live July 21.



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What can you do to combat misinformation in your daily life? From strategies and games you can share with your children, to shortcuts for verifying information, here are some tried and true ways to stand with the facts.

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Stand with the Facts Toolkit.pdf

Your misinformation toolkit