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Election results 2018: national, Washington state and Seattle

Results last updated 11/8/2018 at 11 a.m. Scroll down for national results.

State Measures

Initiative 1631 — Carbon tax: FAILING

This so-called "carbon tax" would charge pollution fees on large emitters of pollution. This would be the first environmental push of its kind in the U.S.

Yes: 43.6

No: 56.4

Initiative 1634 — Grocery taxes: PASSING

This would make it harder for local governments to tax distributors for retail food and drink items. It's a response to the "soda tax."

Yes: 55

No: 45

Initiative 1639 — Gun control: PASSING

If this passes, Washington state would be among the top five or six states with the toughest gun laws. It would raise the age limit for the purchase of a semiautomatic rifle to 21 from 18. This would bring it in line with the age limit for handguns, which is 21. High-profile mass shootings prompted this initiative, including several north of Seattle.

It is the only statewide gun control measure on a ballot anywhere in the midterms, but the National Rifle Association put up only $200,000.

Yes: 60.1

No: 39.8

Initiative 940 — Law enforcement: PASSING

Prosecutors would no longer have to prove a police officer acted with "malice" to charge them for use of deadly force. It would also require officers get de-escalation and mental health training. 

Yes: 59.2

No: 40.8

Advisory 19 — Pipeline tax: REPEALED

The Legislature passed a bill to tax crude oil passing through a pipeline. Voters are asked to decide whether to maintain it.

Repealed: 53

Maintained: 47



U.S. Senator

Maria Cantwell (D): 58.6

Susan Hutchison (R): 41.42

U.S. Representative, District 1 (King, Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom Counties)

Suzan DelBene (D): 58.6

Jeffrey Beeler (R): 41.4

U.S. Representative, District 7 (Seattle)

Pramila Jayapal (D): 83.5

Craig Keller (R): 16.5

U.S. Representative, District 8 (King County to Chelan)

Dino Rossi (GOP): 47

Kim Schrier (D): 52.9

U.S. Representative, District 9 (Eastside)

Adam Smith (D): 70

Sarah Smith (D): 30


Selected results below. To see all district results, visit the Washington Secretary of State website. Unopposed races not included.

District 30, State Senator

Claire Wilson (D): 53.2

Mark Miloscia (R): 46.8

District 33, State Senator

Karen Keiser (D): 70.9

Kun Wang (Ind. Republican): 29.1

District 33, State Representative Position 2

Mia Su-Ling Gregerson (D): 66.4

Anthony L. Lamb (R): 33.6

District 34, State Senator

Joe Nguyen (D): 57.4

Shannon Braddock (D): 42.6

District 36, State Senator

Reuven M. Carlyle (D): 89.6

Bryan Simonson (L): 10.4

District 36, State Representative Position 1

Noel Christina Frame (D): 89.1

Sydney Gillman Wissel (L): 10.98

District 36, State Representative Position 2

Gael Tarleton (D): 86.8

Matt Dubin (L): 13.2

District 37, State Senator

Rebecca Saldana (D): 88.9

Beth Broadway (R): 11.1

District 37, State Representative Position 2

Eric Pettigrew (D): 88.9

Tamra Smilanich (I): 11.1

District 46, State Senator

David Frockt (D): 83.1

Beth Daranciang (R): 16.9

District 46, State Representative Position 1

Gerry Pollet (D): 83.4

Jeff Patton (R): 16.6

District 46, State Representative Position 2

Javier Valdez (D): 84

Jerry Zeigler-Buccoloa (R): 16


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