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We talk to Mayor Durkan about ADUs

caption: A backyard cottage, or ADU.
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A backyard cottage, or ADU.

Should we wait on backyard cottages and let the voters decide? Amazon calls in union labor. With unemployment so low, why does Seattle have such a homelessness problem? And Karen Russell looks at elsewhere through the lens of here.

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Mayor Jenny Durkan

The Seattle City Council is debating whether to allow mother-in-law apartments and other so-called accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. According to the Seattle Times editorial board, it’s such a big decision that the council shouldn’t decide until after the election this fall. Mayor Jenny Durkan joined us to talk ADUs, gun violence, and more.

Carolyn on Amazon's labor contract

With a long history of documented warehouse worker complaints, Amazon may not strike you as the most labor friendly company. But it’s just retained two union firms for security at its offices. KUOW’s Carolyn Adolph, host of the Amazon podcast Prime(d), talks about why the behemoth decided these companies would be the best option. (Better customer service, less staff turnover… union advocates would be proud.)

SoundQs on homelessness

With 4% unemployment, why do we have such a homelessness problem in Seattle? KUOW’s SoundQs podcast has been receiving your questions, and reporter Anna Boiko-Weyrauch has been answering them.

Karen Russell, Orange World

Many parents have gone through the heartache of watching their children break up with their first loves. Fewer parents have undergone this when their child’s girlfriend is a 2,000 year old murder victim perfectly preserved in a peat bog. Karen Russell’s new book, Orange World and Other Stories, presents relatable emotions in oft-dystopian settings. But even in dystopia, says Russell, there’s a hidden hope.

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