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Why are dogs allowed in Seattle bars?

caption: Max is right is welcome at a Seattle eatery.
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Max is right is welcome at a Seattle eatery.
KUOW Photo/Casey Martin

Seattle is well-known for loving its dogs. The oft-quoted statistic is the city has more registered dogs than children.

But unlike kids, dogs are taken nearly everywhere: restaurant patios, taprooms, even the grocery store.

Are we living in a dog paradise... or a lawless nightmare?

This week on SoundQs we got this "question" ... in quotes because it's more of a statement:

"With Seattle named best dog city, people who are allergic have to take a back seat. I feel we should be able to be a dog-friendly city without being lawless and without infringing on the health of people who do not like, are afraid of, or cannot be around them for health reasons."


To find out what laws might be on the books, we talk to the health department and go to a grocery story where we meet a woman who takes her Chihuahua everywhere, even nightclubs.

Listen to the episode by clicking the play button above or on your favorite podcast app. SoundQs is a weekly podcast where our KUOW reporters tackle questions submitted by our listeners.

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