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caption: Dahlia Bazzaz, Mohammed Kloub, Bill Radke and CR Douglas
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Dahlia Bazzaz, Mohammed Kloub, Bill Radke and CR Douglas

All about the elections this week

Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Seattle Times reporter Dahlia Bazzaz, Mohammed Kloub of Crosscut, and CR Douglas of Q13 News.

We're all about the elections this week! How the city and county council races went, and what we can expect from tonight's result drop.

Also, why Seattle is planning on suing if Initiative 976 passes, and what it means for the initiative's backer, Tim Eyman.

Additionally we talk the Seattle School Board, and what this year's elections could mean for school policy.

And moving away from the elections, we're sticking with politics. The UW College Republicans are no longer recognized as an official chapter. Why have they been removed?

Plus, Tom Douglas has settled a lawsuit on service charge fees for $2.4 million with current and past employees. What exactly is a service charge fee? And speaking of food, a recent blind taste test showed people often prefer frozen fish to fresh.

Finally: Did you hear that local rapper Macklemore is looking at a new gig? That's right, he'll be a rapper... and a magician.