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Link Light Rail Wilburton to downtown Bellevue
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Sound Transit

An urban planner on Seattle's transit plans

How Seattle's transit ranks against other metro areas in the U.S. How women can go from sabotage to support at the workplace. And the lost slang you should know.

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Christof Spieler, An Opinionated Atlas of US Transit

Bill Radke talks to urban planner and transit lover Christof Spieler, about how Seattle's transit ranks against other metro areas. His book is "Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of U.S. Transit."

Joy Wiggins & Kami Anderson, From Sabotage to Support

Bill Radke talks to Joy Wiggins, Ph.D., and Kami Anderson, Ph.D. about their book, "From Sabotage to Support: A New Vision for Feminist Solidarity in the Workplace."

Joe Gillard, Lost Words

Bill Radke talks to Joe Gillard about his book, "The Little Book of Lost Words: Collywobbles, Snollygosters, and 86 Other Surprisingly Useful Terms Worth Resurrecting."

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