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Archives closing and bakeries opening this week

caption: Bill Radke, Joni Balter, Knute Berger and Chase Burns
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Bill Radke, Joni Balter, Knute Berger and Chase Burns

Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Civic Cocktail host Joni Balter, Crosscut editor-at-large Knute Berger, and The Stranger's digital editor Chase Burns.

This week the Center for Disease Control started screening airline passengers at major airports, including Sea-Tac. Governor Inslee is on board with the screenings, but how do you stop it from leading to racial profiling?

Plus, over 350 Amazon employees publicly criticized the company's climate change policies. This is a direct violation of Amazon corporate rules prohibiting employees from openly discussing company business. Will Amazon listen to the employees and change their climate goals? Or will those employees be fired for breaking the rules? And speaking of Amazon, they've managed to reignite an age old debate - do Seattleites use umbrellas?

Also, Seattle is getting it's own NHL team. This week they dropped some hints that they might name that team The Kraken. Is The Kraken really representative of Seattle? Or should they go with one that truly describes our city - like The Seattle Freeze?

Additionally, the National Archives at Seattle has received notification that their facility will be shut down within the next four years. What will happen to our region's historical documents?

Finally, Nordstrom is dipping it's toe into the used clothing world. Is this a smart business strategy, or a sad attempt to stay relevant? And speaking of smart business strategies, a new dog-only bakery is opening up Fremont. Is this a sign of a widening market? Or that we're reaching the end times?

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